Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hi there! I'm gonna show you a story that I wrote. The main character is Michael Jackson!

Hope you like it!

I just woke up from a horrible nightmare. Drops of sweat were falling into the palm of my hand. I got up and poured a glass of juice.My stomach growled badly. Grrrrr! I asked my chef to make me a cumin omelet.When the omelet went down my throat it felt weird, sorta like a yummy kind of weird.Later I went downstairs but my family wasn't there. Then I went to the TV room. I first put on CNBC but then I got bored.

I went to my doorman,Norman and asked him: "Is today the day when I go to the Telstra building?" He nodded. I glared at him. Then I ran outside. There was a gleaming white limo. I sat in the limo and inside there was a TV, laptop and a wine bar.

As soon as I got into the Telstra building I dashed out of the limo and ran to the back of the stage."Is it my turn?" I asked the stage man. He nodded and I rant to the stage. Every one including my family,sitting in the V.I.P. area screaming out my name. I cupped the microphone and sang:"Beat it! Beat it!" The crowd shrieked with joy. At the end, I left with a two million dollar check. When I reached home my family hugged me hard core.That day was my favorite day.


  1. Wow A.K that is a great story of yours.

    I like how you sang one of Michael Jackson's song at your big show!

  2. cool story. very exciting

  3. HEY! I didnt even read the first bit were you said that the main character was Michael Jackson and I already knew that halfway through the story! sweet as writing! I wonder if MJ really did like cumin omelets?? :)

  4. What a wonderful story A.K I hope you"ll put more magnificent stories on our blog.